Explore DeedNetwork's features designed for painless deed preparation and fast recording.

Advanced tools and calculators.

Recording Fee & Transfer Tax Calculator

Use our easy to use calculator to determine recording fees, transfer taxes and other hidden fees counties charge to record documents.

State and County Forms

Access all available state and county forms you will need to submit with your deeds at time of recording.

State and County How To Notes

Benefit from our two decades of preparing and recording deeds by using our private notes on the “How To’s” for each county.

Up to date requirements.

County Updates

There are 3,600 counties in America and we share the latest news and updates with you in our searchable database.

Deed requirements for each state

Check out each state’s specific rules on what has to be included on a deed, otherwise it will be rejected and not recorded.

Vesting Options

Which is better? Community Property or Joint Tenancy? Not sure, use our notes to see what options are available to use.

Exemption details

Don’t pay transfer tax if you don’t have to. Use our list of
county approved exemptions to reduce or eliminate taxes on transfers.

Decedent Info

Removing a deceased party from a deed can be tricky and we have helpful information on what documents and language to use.

Industry leading deed preparation options.

Deed Preparation Services

Need help having a deed prepared for you? DeedNetwork offers a full‐service deed preparation and recording option to deliver ready to record deeds in hours.

Do‐it‐yourself Deed Solutions

Use our advanced UPL compliant deed templates to prepare any deed for any state and county in minutes.

Customized Templates

Let us take your documents and turn them into useable templates for you to use in our cloud‐based solution.

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